Good At Heart

Last week as I thought I might want to do my own narration of my book for audible, I put out a question on Facebook as to whether anyone in the Baltimore/Washington area had or knew someone who had a sound studio that I might be able to use. Very quickly, a couple […]

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Healing Through Memoir Writing

It was September 28, 1998. Yom Kippur, the holiest of all Jewish holidays would begin at sunset.  I sat in the small cubicle wearing the standard issue blue paper-plastic gown as I waited to be called in to see the doctor.  I had already had an infinite number of films, having been asked […]

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My Reflecting Pool

Tangled reflections.
Patchwork memories.
Longings and wistful musings …
Please come and join me at the reflecting pool.
Share a cup of tea and perhaps we will find ourselves
as we sit together.
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